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ECU Connect Files


When selecting the "My Files" section you'll end up at this menu, showing options for the different types of files you may end up with when using the ECU Connect software.


Table of Content Zone

Table of Contents


Sharing, Deleting


Saved Datalogs should show up, along with the date/time they were created, the vehicle and rom information, as well as the size.


When you select a log, you should have additional information about the vehicle and log.  



Selecting the garbage can on the top right will delete, while clicking the three linked dots will allow you to share the datalog file. Either through email, google drive, or whatever other method your phone offers for file saving.


Delete Datalog Warning




Share Log Message


Performance Results:

The Performance Results section should contain any results from the performance analyzer function of the App.  These images are able to be shared through the app onto various social media sites.

DTC Reports:

These reports contain a history of any DTC's you've had.  Allowing you to see the history of your car and see if one of the dtc's is frequent and requiring action on your part.


These files are created from your custom background images and dashboard setups you create.  For more information on that see:  ECU Connect: Dashboard Customisation Tutorial

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