Below are the EcuTek Nissan GTR Example Dashboards and their corresponding .edf file

The First example is for the Nissan GTR on an Iphone 6 plus, see the file and the screenshots below.

The second example is for the Nissan GTR on an Iphone 5, This example uses a background specifically designed for the widgets selected. See the file  Nissan GTR ROM Iphone Iphone 5 Background.edf  and the screenshots below.

Uptake of the Dashboard feature for GTR is amazing and people are sharing Dashboards and Dashboard Backgrounds for all devices, some users have created incredibly detailed dashboards that compliment the GTR OEM dash. Special thanks to The GTR life and Battalion 35 members for creating these and showing us whats achievable.

You can find these on forums or Facebook see the links below if you are a member

There are also tuners that are creating custom Dashboards so if you ask your tuner they may be able to help with something to start with, like these examples from Linney Tuning.