VAG PhoneFlash programming and warnings


PhoneFlash is now available for the VAG MQB platform, for Simos 18.X and DQ250/381 controllers, operating exactly the same as the existing PhoneFlash platforms (VR30 GTR, BRZ 370Z etc).
Simply upload your details to your tuner, they will create you a ROM and upload it to the cloud which will sync with your mobile device and allow programming over Bluetooth. for more information on how to use PhoneFlash, please read:

Return To stock

Flashing back to stock, relocks the ECU/TCU back to an original equipment (OE) standard. This allows programming with other software, or for dealer tool updates to be made. The OE dealer tools can still see flash history from all modules, as we do not mask the programming events from the factory tools that can affect the vehicle’s warranty.

Known Issues

Due to a bug in older versions of patches there is a known issue where the DQ250 gearbox controller (TCU) doesn’t always accept the phone flash commands. This issue has been fixed in the latest release patches (version 47478) and once programmed with phone flash and the later version patches, there should be no ongoing issues.

If you are programming an already licenced car with a pre 47478 version patch, you may get the following error message:


This is normal as the ECU Connect works its way to get past the bug.


If your tuner sends a ROM file with an older patch version, the app will not allow you to program this file in. If the message below is shown, ask your tuner for an updated RaceROM patched version of your tuned file. They should be able to upload the file for you quickly and easily.

If there are any difficulties or further questions please contact