Dealer Tiering

Dealer Tiering

Discounts on Purchase

As part of the dealer tiering, EcuTek has also introduced a Minimum Advertised Pricing Program on certain customer facing products.

Having a MAP ensures that all dealers must not advertise at lower than MAP. This keeps the visible prices stable and ensures that you keep your margins intact. You are protected from rogue dealers who either want to undercut you or start a race to the bottom on price.

Remember, the MAP is the minimum advertised price, and governs the price that you can advertise and promote the product at. You can advertise at a higher price if you want to, and what you charge the customer is still up to you.

Products that carry a MAP are:

  • Flash Fees
  • Retail Programming Kits
  • ECU Connect Interfaces
  • ECU Connect Retail Programming Kits
  • Injector Kits

The MAP for all products and the discount off the MAP for each tier is available by e-mailing

All other products that do not carry a MAP will not carry a discount. Prices for these products will remain as they were prior to 10th September 2018.

Dealer Tiering

Dealer tiering is designed to offer you significant savings on key EcuTek products. It replaces the different quantity discounts we previously offered and simplifies the process. It offers you just one discount depending on what tier you are in.

There are currently three tiers. All dealers have been allocated a tier at launch based on your turnover with EcuTek in the previous 12 months. You can view which tier you are in by logging into the EcuTek webstore and going to My Account details. Dealers will remain in the allocated tier for six months, after which the tiers will be reviewed. Depending on your turnover over this six-month period, you will either move up a tier, stay where you are, or move down a tier. If you are in the top tier, you can only stay the same or move down.

Phase 2 of dealer tiering will introduce Tier Points. These will allow you to influence your tier by earning Tier Points through promoting the EcuTek brand.

At launch, tiers have been established using a dealer's turnover with us from the previous 12 months.

After the six-monthly reviews, tiers are based on turnover from the previous six months. We will be looking at dealers achieving specific turnover over the six month periods to remain or move up tiers. Email to find out the turnover required. Dealers who do not make the required turnover will move down a tier and discounts will be adjusted accordingly.

Don't forget, to check which tier you are currently in, sign into the EcuTek webstore and go to the My Account details page.

For a more in-depth look at tiering points check out our guide EcuTek Tier Points

What is a Sub-Dealer

The sub-dealer represents the entry level into the EcuTek tuner network. Customers visit your tuning shop with their vehicle (or you visit them) and you tune their car using your EcuTek ProECU tools. You also appear on the EcuTek website as an authorised tuner.

As a sub-dealer, you are provided with suitable tuned ROMs by your 'parent' EcuTek Tuner, and you use these to tune your customer's vehicles. This situation gives you the ability to tune vehicles without the risk associated with creating the ROM file calibrations for yourself.

You can program ROM files into a wide variety of vehicles, and you can use EcuTek’s high-speed data-logging features to relay tuning information back to the EcuTek Tuner whose files you use.

However, you cannot alter, edit or redistribute the ROMs that have been supplied to you by the parent tuner.

EcuTek sub-dealer status is particularly suited to the conventional ‘chip tuner’, and the makers/suppliers of standardised hardware kits (that typically include such items as exhausts, turbochargers and injectors) may also find it very useful to appoint sub-dealers.

Hardware kit resellers can be supplied with a hardware kit with a suitable matching ROM file, which gives them the ability to correctly calibrate the ECUs of those vehicles they are upgrading with their hardware.

Appointing an EcuTek Sub-Dealer

Any EcuTek Tuner or Master Tuner may appoint a Sub-Dealer, and to do so they must provide the new appointee with a ProECU Programming Kit that has had a software upgrade to convert it from the standard retail specification to Sub-Dealer specification.

The appointing 'parent' Tuner must purchase a Sub-Dealer Software Upgrade in the EcuTek Web Store and sell the upgraded kit to the new Sub-Dealer.

It is very important that ProECU Sub-Dealer Kits are upgraded because if the Sub-Dealer is accidentally (or even deliberately) set up with a ProECU Programming Kit, they are effectively a Retail Customer. The implications of this are that…

  • The Sub-Dealer does not get an automatic dealer entry on the EcuTek website.
  • The Sub-Dealer can purchase flash licences from any EcuTek Master Tuner.
  • The Sub-Dealer can switch parent EcuTek Master Tuners if they choose. Keyed ROMs that were supplied by the parent EcuTek Tuner can then be re-used by the Sub-Dealer.
  • The list of supported vehicles is greater for Sub-Dealer software than for ProECU retail software; if the kit is not upgraded these additional cars are not supported.

If a retail customer tunes vehicles for profit using a retail cable, they will be in violation of the licence agreement for non-commercial use of the ProECU Programming Kit.

In such circumstances EcuTek reserves the right to revoke their licence to use the software, and block the purchase of further licences for that kit. This is to stop retail customers setting themselves up as an unofficial and unvetted commercial tuner.

For a Sub-Dealer to appear on the EcuTek Dealer Listing, flash licences must be purchased for them. Once this is done, the sub-dealer's details are automatically published

Appointment procedure

The process is quite straightforward…

  1. The Tuner is asked to complete an online questionnaire concerning the Sub-Dealer they wish to appoint, allowing us to correctly list that Sub-Dealer on the EcuTek website and associate them with you, their 'parent' Tuner.
  2. The Tuner then logs into the Web Store and orders two items: a ProECU Programming Kit for Tuners, and a Sub-Dealer Upgrade.
  3. When the Sub-Dealer Application Form and Web Store order are received, we process your order and usually ship the goods within 24 hours.
  4. Once you have the kit you purchase whatever initial Flash Licences you need, and send the configured kit to your Sub-Dealer


'Tuner' is the most populated tier in the EcuTek franchisee hierarchy.

Customers visit the tuner's workshop with their vehicle (or the tuner visits them) and the tuner is listed officially on the EcuTek website.

The tuner chooses to purchase tuning support for the range of vehicles they intend to tune, and they have the ability and the authority to edit and program ROM files into the ECUs of customers' vehicles.

An EcuTek tuner may also appoint one or more sub-dealers to whom they supply their tuned ROM files, and this gives them a means by which to expand their business as their reputation as a tuner grows.

Having sub-dealers allows the tuner to reach a wider audience, including people who are geographically remote from them.

EcuTek tuner status is suited to experienced tuners who provide bespoke tuning services to their customers.

How to become an EcuTek tuner

This is really quite straightforward and the process stages are as follows…

  1. You send an email to introducing your company and stating which products you are interested in.
  2. The EcuTek sales team then discuss the options with you, and verify that you are a genuine commercial tuner with sufficient experience to use EcuTek products and effectively represent the company.
  3. You are then emailed the latest version of our Product Information Pack.
  4. Next, you are emailed the EcuTek Tuner agreement to sign and return.
  5. You are asked to complete an online form about your company, so that you can be correctly listed on the EcuTek website and set up on the accounts system and web store.
  6. You are asked to fill in an initial order form so that we can make sure you have absolutely everything you need to get started.
  7. You are then ready to place your first order through the EcuTek web store and to start tuning!

Master Tuners

The Master Tuner is EcuTek’s top-tier reseller, and tuners can only be appointed to this level if they have exhibited skill, good judgement and professionalism in the long term, as well as a clear commitment to the EcuTek brand.  As an EcuTek Master Tuner you will be placed prominently on the EcuTek website in the listing of worldwide EcuTek Tuners.  Firstly, an EcuTek Master Tuner has all of the options available to him that are available to an EcuTek Tuner. In addition to this, EcuTek Master Tuners can sell ProECU Programming Kits directly to vehicle owners.  The Programming Kit may be bundled with a set of hardware upgrades, such as a turbo or an exhaust system, and this ‘complete’ kit may then be purchased by the retail customer so as to upgrade and re-tune their vehicle with a ROM file calibration supplied by the Master Tuner.  Due to the increased demands of supporting customers using ProECU, the role of EcuTek Master Tuner is for the well-established professional tuning business only, one prepared to supply vehicle owners with appropriate tuned ROMs, and to support those owners in their tuning endeavours, not just now but in the future too.  As such, EcuTek Master Tuners have the opportunity to directly reach the greatest number of vehicle owners and generate the most revenue. However, with increased revenue also comes increased responsibility — hence the stringent criteria applied to Master Tuner applicants.

Why professional tuners choose EcuTek

EcuTek has been developing ECU tuning and remapping software since 2002. We specialise in the design, production and support of a comprehensive package of ECU tuning, programming and diagnostics software; these are primarily for Subaru, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Toyota and Nissan vehicles.

EcuTek's tuning software allows a true and clean recalibration of a vehicle's standard engine management system, thus providing the most effective way to tune modern vehicles.

We pride ourselves on offering a personal service which can be tailored to the needs of our Tuners and our Tuners' customers.

Easy to get started

Sign up at; once your application is approved we contact you to discuss your requirements and help you decide on the tools you need.

Tuning with EcuTek Tools requires a ProECU Programming Kit (hardware) and Tuning Suites (software) that cover the range of vehicles you want to support.

What can you earn?

Margins vary around the world, of course, but our Tuners earn up to £200 per car.

Your commitment to us

There is no contract involved in being an EcuTek dealer, and all you need is…

  • ProECU Tuning suite — The software required to tune a car. These typically cost £1,500, but the price varies depending upon the product.
  • ProECU Programming kit (Trade) — The hardware required to re-program the ECU of a car with a ROM file using the EcuTek ProECU Software. For a tuner to program any of the cars we support, you need just one kit, which costs £199.
  • Flash Licence — A licence issued by EcuTek that permits unlimited tuning of a single ECU with EcuTek Tuning Tools. Flash Licences cost £160 each, but there are discounts for bulk orders.

Our commitment to you

Hundreds of Tuners across the world already use EcuTek tuning software, which provides…

  • Advanced technology that is built, tested and developed over many years to deliver high performance for your customers.
  • Class-leading products across a wide range of vehicles (visit
  • A business model designed to provide first class support and the opportunity to grow your business profitably.


If you have several customers whose cars will be tuned, the outlay involved in becoming a dealer can be earned by tuning as few as seven or eight vehicles, based on a margin of £200 each.

However, if you only have one or two potential customers you may prefer to become a sub-dealer.

A sub-dealer receives support from the EcuTek tuner they have chosen to become associated with. This tuner becoming their 'parent', who provides the ROM file calibrations and tuning support, as well as any EcuTek software needed.

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