VAG MQB Vehicles ECU Cal ID Change

VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda Vehicles, ECU Cal ID Change


Prior to tuning or testing it may become necessary to update a vehicle's ECU Calibration ID to another.  During the process if you choose an incorrect ROM you may experience a flashing error.

  • Capturing calibration updates by the manufacturer to improve driveability, durability, or powertrain function outside of ProECU enhancements
  • Improved Pro ECU Support for the version of calibration/ROM
  • ProECU Calibration made in the same calibration but a different version ID.

Below are the steps required when changing ECU calibration of the same ID, which is default on the vehicle to another version number, using Pro ECU. I.E changing from 5G0906259F ver 0001 to 5G0906259F ver 0002

Choosing Desired CAL ID Version

  1. Identify the existing calibration ID on the vehicle and the list of complatible IDs that are available by using the identify ECU menu.  Detect the ECU in the tool menu, and select the option to "Program ECU"

  2. On the next screen go ahead and hit "Query ECU." This tells you what is on the ECU, whether it was flashed previously, and gives you information on the calibration ID

  3. It will spit out the results in the area to the right.  Including the current CAL ID, and any compatible ones.  The list may be longer or shorter depending on your vehicle.

  4. Determine the desired calibration ID version you'd like to use from the list shown.

  5. Select the ROM and flash it to the car.

  6. At the end of the process follow prompts to key off, key on, then clear faults with the other vehicle modules.

  7. With the standard calibration ID version confirmed flashed to the car, you can make and flash a Pro ECU tuned calibration of the same ID version to the ECU. Please note, if this is the first time Pro ECU will be flashed to the car, it is advised to use a battery charger during the flashing process which can be up to 20 mins.

  8. Flash the modified calibration version to the ECU

  9. A Pro ECU license will be used if this is the first time the vehicle is flashed with Pro ECU. Follow prompts to key off, key on, then clear faults/loss of communication with other vehicle modules.

  10. You can now use the features of Pro ECU for that ECU calibration ID.

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