ProECU Software Data Relocation


What’s going to change?

As of the ProECU releaseMarch 8th 2021, user-generated files will no longer be stored in the C:\EcuTek folder.

The new locations for these files will be configurable moving forward. Saving files to any location within C:\EcuTek is no longer allowed and ProECU will prevent that.

If you move files into the C:\EcuTek folder manually or via external tools, those files could be deleted.

This change affects the following files:
⦁ Custom ROM files (ie. non-stock)
⦁ Data Log files produced by clicking Map Access and then Log to File
⦁ ROM reads
⦁ ROM dumps


Video of changes:


Existing files migration

This procedure requires an internet connection

If you have an existing installation, ProECU will help you to move existing files to the new locations. This is done via a guided procedure that will appear the first time you run the new ProECU version. This should take just a couple of minutes.

ProECU will need to download a list of files in EcuTek Update, which is then used to determine which files are Stock ROMs (EcuTek files) and which files are Custom ROMs (yours).

The following window will appear when ProECU determines there are existing files to move.


In the following step, it will be possible to customise the new locations, if desired.


ProECU will then connect to EcuTek Update and analyse the existing files:


A preview will show where files will be moved:


Clicking Move files will start the process:



When the procedure completes, ProECU is ready to use.

While going through the process to migrate existing files to the new location, it will not be possible to use ProECU



Changing the new locations

You can change the new locations at any time via the Preferences window:


Opening Stock/Custom ROM files

Going forward there will be 2 separate locations for ROM files:
⦁ Custom ROMs, created by you, in your chosen location
⦁ Stock ROMs, provided by EcuTek, in C:\EcuTek\Stock ROMs

Where appropriate, ProECU will give you the option to pick a ROM from either location.
For instance, the File menu will contain 2 items:


Similarly, other tools that let you open a ROM file, will present a button that opens a Custom ROM by default, being the common case, but also lets you open a Stock ROM when needed:



You can always use drag&drop to open a ROM file (where supported).