EcuTek Technical Support

By tuners, for tuners

All ProECU Tuning Suites are supplied with highly detailed technical manuals compiled by our own expert tuners.

In addition, our searchable online Knowledgebase is now up and running, and it's growing week by week; before long it will be the main support resource for our international network of tuners, and a very powerful tool for all who are involved with EcuTek.

By way of providing more dynamic support we also have product-specific webinars (seminars over the internet) that take tuners step by step and map by map through ProECU's various functions and processes.

Not that our support stops there, because our in-house technical staff are on hand five days a week to take your tech calls and emails.

Contacting EcuTek for Technical Support

Any contact you have with our Technical Support team must initially be via email, not telephone, for the following reasons:

  • Emails can be easily routed to the individual best placed to reply to them
  • Depending on customer location, timezones are likely to be different, making phone conversations difficult, costly or even impossible

Incidentally, writing down the question or problem can often help you to resolve it yourself before contacting anyone else. Also, it is easier to understand, reproduce and fix a well-documented issue than it is to solve it on the basis of scrawled notes hastily dashed on a scrap of paper during a phone call.

You'll doubtless be glad to hear that we operate an efficient ticketing system for tuner inquiries, that ensures your technical issue never falls off the radar, is continually tracked and updated, and is resolved in the shortest possible time - to keep inconvenience (both yours and your customers') to an absolute minimum.

What we support

Bug Fixes

EcuTek provides technical support for all of its ProECU products, so any bugs brought to our attention will be worked on immediately; we will endeavour to fix any software bugs posthaste.

If there's a ProECU feature that you feel is not working as it should, please let us know so we can make whatever changes may be necessary.

ECU Additions

We will also add support for newly released or reported ECU versions as and when they become available; the turnaround time for adding support for a new ECU is about seven days.

We have to test updates prior to their release, of course, so please don't call us on the same day that you get a car in for tuning and find it has an obscure ECU!

Think ahead: when scheduling a car for tuning you will always take details of its specifications, so find out in advance what type of ECU it's fitted with, so there's no mad rush when the car shows up at your premises.

What we don't support

Basic Tuning Tuition

EcuTek ECU software is provided on the understanding that you are an experienced engine tuner and as such are already familiar with the principles of engine tuning.

Therefore, we do not provide support on simplistic questions such as "What boost pressure should I run with an xxx turbo?" or "What AFR should I have at xxx RPM and yyy boost pressure?" as these are matters for the tuner to decide, not EcuTek.

Our job is to make your job possible, not to do it on your behalf! If we were to ‘cost-in’ such a level of support, the most experienced tuners would end up subsidising the remainder.