The EcuTek Dongle

For information on flash fees and points check out our article Flash Fees and Flash Points

Adding a License point to your Dongle

  1. Open your ProECU software.

  2. Under the "Help" field select "EcuTek Update"

  3. That should open a new window that links up with our servers to check for updates,

  4. From there choose "Check for Flash Point Updates" to check for any additional points you may have added via the website.  It should tell you how many are available.

View number of Licences/Points on your EcuTek Dongle

To check how many licences remain on an EcuTek Licence Key dongle, go to the ProECU software Help menu and select Feature and Licence Information.

This will display the window you see here, which shows all the software registration information, licences and product features.

Licence Usage Information

As mentioned previously, a programming licence is consumed the first time an ECU is programmed by a particular ProECU software installation.

Please note that subsequent programming of the same ECU does not consume further licences.

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