Flash Fees and Flash Points

Flash Fees and Flash Points

Flash Fees are made up of Flash Points. The vehicles that we support are grouped into five classes with an additional class for a PhoneFlash Fee. Each class will require a different number of Flash Points to program. The required number of Flash Points for each class is the Flash Fee.

The classes of Flash Fee are:

  • PhoneFlash
  • Premium Plus
  • Premium
  • Performance
  • TCM Pro
  • Street
  • EV

The table below shows which vehicles are in which class and the cost of Flash Fees in the number of Flash Points.

Tuning SuiteClassFlash Points Required
Toyota Supra A90/A91 to June 2020Premium Plus375
BMW F/G Series - B58 Gen 2 to June 2020Premium Plus375
BMW F Series - S55Premium Plus375
Nissan ZPremium Plus375
BMW F/G Series - B58/B48/B46 Gen 1 MY2016 - 2018Premium300
BMW B48Premium300
Toyota Supra 2.0 A90 to June 2020Premium300
BMW F Series - N55Premium300
Nissan GT-R ECMPremium300
Nissan 370Z MY 2019 onPremium300
Nissan VR30 Twin Turbo Gen 1 & Gen 2Premium300
VW AG MQB EA 855.2&3 DAZA/DNWAPremium300
Ford Ecoboost to MY2018Performance225
Mazda MX-5 SkyActiv-G Gen 1Performance225
Nissan 370ZPerformance225
Subaru BRZ / Toyota FT-86 MY2012 - MY2021Performance225
Subaru BRZ / Toyota GR86 MY2021 onPerformance225

Subaru CAN Petrol MY2007 on

Subaru WRX DIT 2015 onPerformance225
Toyota GR Yaris MY2020 on / GR Corolla MY2022 onPerformance225
VW AG MQB EA 888.3 SIMOS 18.1/10/6Performance225
Nissan GT-R TCMTCM Pro175
VW AG DSG DQ250 + DQ381TCM Pro175
Great Wall WingleStreet155
Honda FN2 Street155
Mazda DISIStreet155
Mazda MX-5Street155
Mitsubishi DieselStreet155
Mitsubishi EVO XStreet155
Mitsubishi K-Line EVO 5-9Street155
Nissan JukeStreet155
Subaru DieselStreet155
Subaru 1999Street155
Subaru 2002Street155
Subaru 2004Street155
Nissan LeafEV50

What are the benefits?

Establishing a dynamic Flash Fee programme that is based on the vehicle being tuned allows our dealers to be more competitive. With dynamic Flash Fees they will be able to expand their business into new areas. With our Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) programme, our dealers will be able to charge the higher price and reap the benefits of a protected higher margin.

What do Flash Fees cost me?

This is dependent on Dealer Tiering & MAP. There are three tiers, and depending on which tier a dealer is in, they will get different discounts on Flash Fees.

How do I purchase Flash Fees?

You can purchase Flash Fees through the EcuTek Webstore. You can select to buy the Flash Fee for the class of car you want to tune, or you can opt to buy Flash Points in bulk.

If you know which cars you are going to tune, it will be easier to choose the Flash Fee option. Select the Flash Fee for the class of car you want to tune, enter the number you want to buy and click add to cart.

After checking out with your order, the total number of Flash Points purchased will be allocated to your webstore account. Your available Flash Points will be shown in the Details tab of your webstore account. It will also be shown in the My Dongles tab.

How do I allocate Flash Points or Flash Fees to my licence keys (dongles)?

Just go to your webstore account, and click on the head and shoulders icon in the top left of the page. Now select the My Dongles page, then click the plus icon next to the dongle you wish to allocate Flash Points to. You will be able to allocate either whole Flash Fees worth of Flash Points, or as many Flash Points as you need. After confirming the allocation, run EcuTek Update from within ProECU, (Help/EcuTek Update/check for Flashpoints) and the Flash Points will be applied to your dongle.

What happens when I come to flash a car?

The process is the same as it used to be with Flash Licences. ProECU will query the ECU and see if it has previously been programmed on EcuTek. If it has, you will be able to program the car as usual without any further steps. No points will be taken from your dongle.

If the ECU has not been programmed before with EcuTek, ProECU will let you know and tell you the number of Flash Points required to program the vehicle.

If you attempt to program the car and do not have the correct number of Flash Points on your dongle, you will receive a message stating that you must purchase more Flash Points before tuning the vehicle. Otherwise, the number of Flash Points will be deducted from your dongle and the ECU will be programmed.

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