BMW Limit Flags & States

Cylinder Fill Limit Reason

As found on Cylinder Fill Limit Reason monitor for B58g2/supra and S58 (not avalable on N55/S55/B58g1

0Standard LimitationCylinder Fill Desired is calculated from the current Torque Request and is not otherwise limited
1Condensate ProtectionAvoidance of high flow at low temperature to prevent condensation in the intake, not normally a problem
2ATL Component ProtectionCaused by compressor pressure ratio being limited, check your Boost Pressure Target to calculate the PR (pressure in bar will be very close to PR at sea level), alternatively log Compressor Pressure Ratio Target to asses the actual pressure ratio used. Check Turbo Pressure Ratio Limit 2d (and 3d) maps to ensure your required pressure ratio is possible. Remember this is a ratio not an offset to altitude effects combine with intake pressure loss can turn moderate boost pressures into high pressure ratios.
3High Pressure Fuel Pump Control Limit

Limit of the High pressure fuel system is being reached. If MSV active angle reaches 126° then the pump is maxed out and there isnt much that can be done to avoid this. Lowering target fuel pressure and running less load/boost at low rpm (where the pump is typically stressed more) are worth considering.

This can also occur with if the fuel flow exceeds what the ECU believes the pump is capable of, even if the max pump angle hasn't been reached. Or if the fuel pressure is sufficiently far below target.

On Port Injection equipped cars this can also be avoided by moving to more PI

4Electric Fuel Pump capacity(Electric Fuel pump, In-Tank Lift Pump) overall fuel demand and over temp status from fuel volume.  Raise EFP Load limit Maximum to increase the point where the limit is ramped down from, raise EFP Load Limit Minimum to stop the limit ramping down so far, and decrease EFP Load Limit Reduction Max Rate to slow how fast the ramping down of the limit.
5Intake Temp, Knock and Driving behaviour RetardTypically when the load limits in Load Limit - Ignition Retard Normal or Load Limit - Ignition Retard Sport maps are employed. Check the X axis input by looking at Ignition Retard Total logging parameter
6Turbo EGT Component Protection ControllerTurbine Exhaust Gas Temp limits are too high.  If running into this at high rpm and power but not boost check EGT Target Temperature - Turbo and raise as required, the estimated EGT can be verified by logging Exhaust Gas Temperature.
7Particulate Filter
8Injection duration out of the window to inject enough fuelTypically seen on high ethanol content and high rpm where injection window is limited. Reducing the latest end of injection using IP1 EOI (And Latest EOI for SOI based Pulse) map to delay end of injection limit from 130ºBTDC to closer to 60ºBTDC at high load and rpm.
This can also be triggered if the volumetric fuel flow from the injectors exceeds the estimated flow from the pump, or if the pump max duration is reached, or if the pulses between multiple injections are too short.

Torque Limit State

As seen on Torque Limitation State monitor, applicable to all BMW

Bit PositionDec.HexDescription
011ASR Limitation through Anti-Slip Control (Torque Reduction
122MSR Limitation by engine drag control (Torque Increase)
244GS_DEC Transmission intervention to derease torque (typically seen on upshift)
388GS_INC Transmission Intervention to increase torque (typically seen on downshift or speed matching)
41610NREG_DEC Speed Control
53220NREG_INC Speed Control
66440DCC_INC Longitudinal Dynamics management (Cruise Control etc.)
712880SELFSTABAB operating losses
8256100Fuel Temperature Limit
9512200COOLING Limitation in cooling
101024400VAR_UL Limit UL Variant
112048800NMAX Rev limit torque reduction.

VMAX torque limitation to realise a vehicle speed limit

1381922000ACC_CTL Acceleration control, typically employed when acceleratino exceeds what is theoretically possible for the current crank torque request, or overall wheel torque limits.
14163844000PARKING BRAKE Parking brake
15327688000HA_DIF rear axle gear protection
166553610000EMERGENCY RUNNING MANAGER Limitation by emergency running manager, ECU goes into limp home mode.
1713107220000MD_RF Limitation by filling limitation RF torque limit calculated from a cylinder fill limit. This can occur when the cylinder fill limit is being reached, and the ECU takes action. This avoids an imbalance between torque and load requests.
1826214440000MD_MOTOR Limitation by motor protection
1952428880000SLAVE_STG limitation of 2nd control unit
201048576100000GS_PERM torque limit sent from transmission over CAN
212097152200000MD_RAD Breaking load drive axle
224194304400000GS_AUTARK self-sufficient gearbox protection
238388608800000KUPPLUNGSSHUTZ_HS Clutch slip protection on manual transmission
2416777216100000BEGRENZUNG_GHAS controlled rear axle lock

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