EcuTek Tier Points

Tier Points are EcuTek’s way of rewarding you for supporting our brand and promoting our products. Listed below are the many ways you can earn Tier Points. Tier Points will be automatically exchanged for Flash Points, at the end of the 6-month review period and added to your Flash Point balance.

Any qualifying action or achievement will only gain Tier Points if it is completed during the review period. It will be your responsibility to report to the Marketing Team via any qualifying action in order to be awarded Tier Points. If you don’t report it within the review period, or if it was completed prior to 9th March 2019, the item will not be backdated for Tier point awards.

No single dealer can earn more than 3,000 Tier Points in any consecutive two review periods and 2,000 points in any one review period.

The Tier Point awards

In addition to the items listed below there will be three specific awards of Tier Points issued at the end of each review period.

The Techtastic Award – Awarded by the Technical Support & Development team to the dealer who has provided the most consistent and valuable input into furthering EcuTek products and making them better.

Value – 500 Tier Points

The Market Meister Award – Awarded by the Sales and Marketing Team to the dealer who has delivered the most impressive marketing package which promotes EcuTek over the review period.

Value – 500 Tier Points

The Calibrators Calibrator Award – Awarded by the Calibration Team to the dealer who has utilised EcuTek products to deliver the most impressive performance from a car during the review period.

Value – 500 Tier Points

Ways to earn Tier Points

Displaying a banner in the workshop and sending in a picture to

Value – 200 Tier Points

Signing up to beta testing and providing useful and timely feedback.

Note: just signing up does not give you the Tier Points. We need the accurate, timely and useful feedback to qualify for the points. Feedback will be assessed by the calibration team and points will be awarded on their say so.

Value – Up to 500 Tier Points

Posting on your Facebook/Instagram page a car tuned with an EcuTek product

Specs of the EcuTek product must be included illustrating the functionality of an EcuTek product and tagging with the tags listed below. Both types of post must promote the benefits of the EcuTek product. Just a picture of a car and a set of tags will not qualify for points.

  • @EcuTek Technologies
  • @ecutek_technologies (This is our instagram page, not ecutek)
  • #RaceROMPhase [insert phase number]
  • #RaceROM
  • #Ecutek (Do not use on instagram)

Note: posts must generate at least 20 likes to qualify for Tier Points and there will be a maximum of 20 Tier Point qualifying posts a month from any one dealer.

Value – 10 Tier Points per qualifying post

Making a video on one of our products and promoting it on your business YouTube channel. Our products must be accurately shown and described, and the benefits must be illustrated. These videos can be of a build, a customer car tuned on EcuTek, ECU Connect usage and value, the story of your participation in an event or anything that includes EcuTek and its products plus their benefits.

Note: videos must receive a minimum of 250 views to qualify. They must have descriptive text that includes ‘tuned on EcuTek RaceROM’ (phase number if there is one) ECU Connect if used. There will be a maximum of four videos a month which will qualify for Tier Points.

Value – 50 Tier Points per video

Setting an EcuTek/World Record from the following:

  • Fastest Quarter Mile time – Pic of time slip required + fuel & list of mods
  • Fastest Quarter Mile MPH – Pic of time slip required + fuel & list of mods
  • Fastest Eighth Mile time – Pic of time slip required + fuel & list of mods
  • Fastest Eight Mile MPH – Pic of time slip required plus + fuel & list of mods

Value – 250 Tier Points per record. Note: This record will be judged at the end of the review period, so the points will be awarded to the dealer who holds the fastest time set at the end of the review period.

Gaining Class wins at High Profile Events either with the shop car or a customer car.

Note: To gain the Tier Points EcuTek must be advised of the entry in advance (this is so we can confirm the event is a qualifying event). In addition, a full build spec and profile of the car/name of the driver must be provided before Tier Points are awarded.

Value – 75 Tier Points 

Bonus of 25 Tier Points for overall event winner.

If the event is a season long event such as time attack, Toyota Sprint series, Super Taikyu, SACC events for example, then a bonus of 100 Tier Points will be awarded at the end of the season for gaining overall winner.

Signing up to our EcuTek Professional Tuners Facebook page

Value – 5 Tier Points

Signing up to our Newsletter

Value – 5 Tier Points

Featuring the EcuTek Logo on your website home page

Value – 5 Tier Points

Having a page dedicated to EcuTek products on your website

Value – 10 Tier Points

Linking to our web page, Facebook and Instagram pages from a page on your website

Note: you must do all three links to qualify.

Value - 10 Tier Points

Embedding an EcuTek video(s) on your website.

Note: Video must remain for a minimum 6 months to qualify.

Value – 10 Tier Points per video (up to a maximum of 10 videos)

Wrapping your shop car in our custom EcuTek wrap

Value – 500 Tier Points

Attending shows in the EcuTek wrapped car and promoting our product.

Note: Pictorial evidence will be required from the event, showing the car and EcuTek products displayed.

Value – 150 Tier Points

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