PhoneFlash: FAQ for Tuner

What models do you support?

PhoneFlash is constantly being improved, and model support is always being examined. The current list of supported Vehicles include

  • Subaru BRZ/Toyota GT-86/Scion FR-S
  • Nissan GT-R
  • Nissan 370Z
  • Infiniti G37
  • Infiniti Q50 & Q60 with the 3.0-litre twin-turbo engine
  • Honda Civic Type R FN2 only (2007 – 2011)
  • Mazda MX-5 Miata NC (Gen 3)
  • Mazda MX-5 Miata ND (Gen 4.1 to 2019)
  • Models coming very soon
    • Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, Seat: MQB; ECU SIMOS 18 and 18.1 (2014 -2020)
    • Subaru Petrol STI (2007 on) and WRX (2007 – 2014)
    • Subaru DIT – WRX 2015 on
    • BMW B58 (Gen 2) + B48 + S55 + S58 + N55
    • Toyota Supra A90 + A91 to June 2020

Models that will NOT be supported

  • Subaru K-Line 2002
  • Subaru 99
  • Mitsubishi Colt
  • Mitsubishi Evo 5-9 or X, 
  • Mazda DISI
  • Subaru, Mazda or Mitsubishi Diesel Platforms

All new products will be reviewed and PhoneFlash support added where possible. If you have a vehicle request, please email EcuTek support detailing the models desired and any information you have regarding the platform EcuTek will review the details and let you know if there is a possibility to add support.

How do we transfer flashpoints out of our current dongle back into our account to use with PhoneFlash?

You can't. Once flashpoints are applied to a dongle, that process is irreversible. PhoneFlash takes flashpoints for vehicle licencing and PhoneFlash licensing directly from your account, not from the dongle.  These points are taken at the point at which you upload the ROM to the EcuTek Cloud. There are notes left on your account to show which customer you have applied points to. It also allows you who you have already licenced etc. 

What Happens if the customer's phone battery is low?

There are several automatic safeguards implemented in preprogramming. These include battery checks and vehicle condition checks. We cannot check and protect against all potential issues. Hence, there are some preprogramming warnings to guide the customer through things to check before programming and a recovery procedure that can be used to recover a vehicle if programming or unlocking fails.

If there are specific known issues (like BRZ OBD ports, Nissan daytime running lights or VW battery charger requirements) that need checking or accounting for, you should always notify your customer to prevent unnecessary failures and calls for support.

If a car goes to the dealer and gets flashed back to stock after service, will more flashpoints need to be added?

No, licences are linked to the VIN, so the customer should be able to flash the tuned ROM file straight back in.

Can I get a different colour EVI-BT shell?

Yes. You can ask the EcuTek sales team about individualised colours and also using your own Gel sticker designs.  Below is an example for Mountune UK. Group buys can be organised and scheduled to keep costs down. E-mail to discuss your colour shell and personalised Gel-sticker design

Will the tuner list be sorted or preselected by country for the customer?

The customer will be able to select from all Master Tuners unless you tell us you do not want to appear on the list. It isn't country-specific. The dealer locator within the app or on the website also allows customers to find you before selecting a tuner for PhoneFlash.

Does the customer need a dongle (DESkey)?

No, the customer does not need a dongle.  You will still need a dongle to operate the tuning software and file upload aspect as a tuner, but the customer does not need a dongle for phone flash. 

The exception is if the customer's car does not return a VIN (JDM) car, or they want to use the free tuning software for BRZ/GT-86/FR-S or Mazda MX-5 Miata NC Gen 3, or use tools that aren't supported in ECU connect PhoneFlash. If this is the case, you can transform the kit to still remote tune their car or take advantage of the Free software for BRZ/GT-86/FR-S by sending out a dongle separately (available for purchase from

If a customer already has a tune, do I need to update the patch on that file to use PhoneFlash?

No, you can upload existing ROMs to the cloud for PhoneFlash use without changing the file at all.  You can upload multiple tunes for the same customer, for example, an immobiliser tune, track tune or exotic fuel tunes (like Specially blended types of gasoline).

How does PhoneFlashing work? Does the EVI-BT do all of the programming, or is it sent from the device?

When programming a Flash File with ECU Connect PhoneFlash, a Bluetooth link is established between the mobile device and the ECU Connect Interface to send packets of information. The Mobile device has the flash file stored and transfers this securely over the Bluetooth link to the ECU Connect Interface, which then passes this through to the vehicle's ECU over the OBD port.

Does the communication test procedure only run on that first initial communication and set up?

Yes. The ECU communication test performed before first programming is attempted checks that the Bluetooth connection is reliable and fast enough to program a vehicle. Once the comms test is complete, it doesn't have to be performed again.

Do I need to flash with ProECU to licence the vehicle before I can use PhoneFlash?

No, you can apply the licence to the vehicle through the ECU Connect PhoneFlash programming process. Once the vehicle has been licenced via PhoneFlash, this licence is valid in ProECU, so you can program a vehicle with ECU Connect. It won't use another licence if you program after that with ProECU.

Can I sell the ECU Connect Interface to a new customer without the dongle (DESkey) for PhoneFlash?

Yes, you only need to sell the ECU Connect kit (Interface only) to a customer. The appropriate flashpoints will also be required depending on the licencing state of the vehicle being flashed.

Do we need to put the mobile device in Airplane mode during flashing?

Programming over Bluetooth is as secure as possible. We have covered a wide range of different methods to stress the phone and the app during testing. While we found no issues during our testing, we do not recommend leaving the app, answering calls or walking away from the vehicle when programming.

What do I need to buy to be able to offer PhoneFlash to my customer, and what are the costs involved?

To start uploading files to the EcuTek Cloud for customers to PhoneFlash, you will need to be a Master Tuner and have a valid PhoneFlash subscription. To upgrade to Master Tuner, contact  

EcuTek has set the following pricing structure for the tuners. Minimum advertised price limits are the same for hardware etc.

  • Subscription Fee = is available to purchase in the Webstore
    Currently charged per year, but once the new Dealer Website is launched, this will be charged monthly.
    For further information on prices contact

Phone Flash will have the following per vehicle cost

  • Phone Flash Licence = 50 flashpoints per VIN
    First PhoneFlash only - subsequent PhoneFlashes will not carry a charge

The normal licencing cost for each type of vehicle may also be charged when uploading to the cloud, depending on if a vehicle is already licenced using the ProECU. PhoneFlash does not charge to re licence the ECU. For example,

  • Subaru BRZ, never tuned with EcuTek before: 225 + 50 = 275 FP
  • Subaru BRZ, previously tuned with only ProECU: 50 FP
  • Subaru BRZ, previously tuned with PhoneFlash: Free

NOTE: you no longer need to sell Retail Programming Kits for an end-user to program remotely. A standard ECU Connect Interface will enable PhoneFlash.

NOTE: Once licenced with PhoneFlash, ProECU will not consume any further flashpoints.

Will PhoneFlash work on a car with no VIN like early GTR's or JDM cars?

No. If there is no VIN, PhoneFlash cannot program the vehicle. You can use an ECU Connect Interface with the addition of a DESkey to cover cars without VINs.

Can the customer share my flash file (ROM) with other cars?

No. PhoneFlash ROMs are VIN locked, so cannot be used on another car.

Can I set up Sub-dealers to use PhoneFlash?

At this moment in time, there is nothing specifically designed to accommodate sub-dealers / Dyno Operators. Still, you can create an account for them and upload files to this account using your flashpoints to program the vehicle and then upload the final flash files for the car owner once the tuning is complete.

Are licences still stored in the ECU?

Yes, a licence applied through PhoneFlash is valid in ProECU, and vehicles previously licenced with ProECU will not need to be relicensed for PhoneFlash. However, the PhoneFlash fee for upload to the cloud is still charged if the vehicle has not been previously PhoneFlashed.

Are DTCs cleared after programming?

Yes, there is a DTC clearing sequence performed after programming finishes. You can also use the DTC clear feature from the normal ECU connect list. 

If a customer sells their car, does the new owner need to purchase a PhoneFlash or ProECU license for us to continue tuning the vehicle?

No, once licenced, you won't be charged again for the vehicle.

What about ECU's that other systems have programmed? What would be the process to make these programmable with EcuTek?

To program with PhoneFlash, you will need to return the vehicle to stock with the other software first. If this isn't possible, ProECU has some extra tool's and functions that MAY help to over program certain other software. You may be able to send a dongle to the customer to perform this step. Once converted to an EcuTek tune, you can use PhoneFlash normally.

What is the difference in overall cost between the current programming kit and an ECU Connect kit w/o dongle?

Accounting for the PhoneFlash subscription cost and one-off flashpoints for PhoneFlashing, the cost to the tuner is roughly the same as the existing kits with DESkey. 

If the customer switches tuners, will they have to pay a fee each time they do this?

No. Once the VIN has been licenced with PhoneFlash and the ECU has been licenced, there are no other fees.  When the customer selects you as their tuner and sends you their vehicle info, they will show in your account. After you program in your tuned file, your logo will show on their ECU Connect pages.

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