Live Tuning With ProECU

ProECU Live Tuning Guide

ProECU Live Tuning enables you to adjust and tune vehicles in real-time, without needing to reflash the car.  This allows you to make changes more quickly, and get more out of each vehicle as you go.

Available on:

  • Nissan GTR 2009 - 2018
    • RaceROM Version 8 or higher
    • ProECU or higher
  • Subaru BRZ/GT86/FT86
    • RaceROM Version 12 or higher
    • ProECU or higher
  • Nissan Frontier VQ38DD
    • RacROM Version 56725 (V2.0) or higher
  • Nissan 370Z 2009 - 2018 (1.5Mb ECU)
    • RaceROM Version 5 or higher
  • Nissan VR30DDTT (infinity Q50 Q60) powered vehicles
    • RaceROM Version 5 or higher
  • Nissan Z
    • RaceROM Version 5 or higher
  • VW AG EA888.3
    • FREE with RaceROM Version 2

You'll need to update your ProECU Software AFTER purchasing the live tuning option in order for this feature to work properly. Retail Software does NOT have Live Tuning capability

Using Live Tuning

You'll tune the car as normal using the live tuning method however there are some items to keep in mind while doing so.

  • Axis Values - Cannot be adjusted while live tuning and will require a normal flash of the vehicles ECU
  • 1D Values - Only some are able to be edited live at this time, if the value you want comes up as unavailable you'll need to flash that map to change the values.
  • ProECU will notify you if any live tuning limits are reached which can include.
    • 4kb data limit 
    • Maximum of 8 total 2d or 3d maps active for live tuning at any time.  (At this time 1d tables are not limited in quantity)
  • Live Tuning is only supported off-road.  While the live tuning patch is loaded in the ECU the CEL/MIL will flash constantly
  • Map tracing is not the same as live tuning.  Some maps are not able to trace properly due to limitations of data conversion and live data.

    Just because a map is not tracing properly does not mean the values are being used incorrectly.

How to Live Tune a Map

To live tune a map, select “Start” from the Live Tuning pulldown, or use the Ctrl-T hot key. The map will be highlighted in green while active. You can open up to 8 maps for live tuning at one time. It's possible to disable live tuning on a map when finished, however the changes will no longer be applied to the ECU until it is saved and flashed to the vehicle, or re-enabled.  This enables you to tune multiple maps i.e. ignition map 1, 2 ... while live connected in the same sitting.

Once you're finished with live tuning save the changes to the ROM and save the rom as normal.  After which change the ROM variant to the normal version and flash the completed map to the vehicle.

Applying Live Tuning Feature to your ROM

  1. Load your base file normally into ProECU

  2. Pop over to the RaceROM tab at the top.

  3. Either select "Add RaceROM Feature or (If another RaceROM feature is already installed select "Change Variant") Locate the feature files for your vehicle's ROM file.  You'll see that there may be multiple.  You'll want to select the ERPB file.

  4. You'll have the option to select between the patch variants of the standard file or the live tuning file.

  5. A warning should pop up letting you know that it's not safe for other people or the vehicle to use this on the road or while driving.

  6. You should now see a "Live Tuning" Icon in the bar.

  7. Tune the vehicle using the feature file.  When you're finished live tuning, select "change variant" to go back to the standard one.

Video Link to show Live tune in action

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