ECU Connect: EcuTek Cloud Account setup and Password Reset

Creating an EcuTek Cloud Account

To use the EcuTek Cloud to receive Flash Files and send Logs you need to create an account (so that uploaded files have an identity). Cloud accounts are now restricted to one tuner, but you can change tuners whenever you want without notifying the old tuner. After selecting the new tuner you will need to “Send Vehicle Info to Tuner” again, otherwise you won't appear in the tuners customer list.

Instructions for how to create an account are here ( )

Logging Into your Account

To log into your account, simply go to the app Settings and select the EcuTek Account button.


Then, tap Log in and enter your cloud account email and password.


There is more information here ( )

Cloud account Password Reset

To reset your cloud account follow the above steps (Settings > EcuTek Account to get to the login screen) and select the Forgot Password button.

From here enter your email address and tap Send reset code.


You will then be sent a Password reset to your email address, this has the details of your reset.

Then enter the details into the reset screen and press the Reset Password button.


You will be automatically logged into your account once you have successfully reset your password.

Deleting Your Account

NOTE: Please be aware that all of the tune files and personal information will be deleted irreversibly, if you choose to use ECU Connect again after the 14 day recovery period, all licences and files will need to be repurchased.

To delete you account make sure you are logged in and go to the ecutek account page (Settings → EcuTek Account) and press the Delete account button. You will be required to enter you account password after this.