ECU Connect: FAQ

Will ECU Connect work with my smartphone?

ECU Connect currently works on iPhone and iPad (iOS 15 or higher) and Android phones and tablets (Android 7 or higher).

Will ECU Connect work with my bluetooth interface?

ECU Connect requires an EcuTek Bluetooth Vehicle Interface, also referred to as EVI-BT. This hardware allows you to get the best possible performance, in particular when data-logging. ECU Connect will NOT work with any other interface, including ELMxxx-compatible dongles.

Will ECU Connect work with my car?

Please see ECU Connect Webpage for supported cars and features. Some features are only available when RaceROM is installed and it has App support. If your car has already been tuned, please check with your tuner if your car has a recent version of RaceROM that includes App support.

Can I leave the EcuTek Bluetooth Vehicle Interface plugged into the OBDII socket all the time?

Yes, the vehicle interface is designed to use very little power, so it can be left attached to the OBD port. However, if you plan to not use your car for a long time (more than a week or two), we recommend to remove it.

Can I use my EcuTek Bluetooth Vehicle Interface with more than one car?

Yes. You can use the Vehicle Interface an the ECU Connect app with any number of cars.

Why does my EcuTek Bluetooth Vehicle Interface not reconnect automatically to my iPhone/iPad?

This only applies to EVI-BT models, which reconnect automatically to the iOS device.
For EVI-BTLE models, the connection is always initiated by the iOS device.

Please be aware that the EcuTek Bluetooth Vehicle Interface will only reconnect automatically to the last device it was used with. For instance, if you normally use it with your iPhone and one day you pair it to your iPad, from that moment it will try to reconnect to you iPad. If you wish to use it with you iPhone again, you need to connect manually from the iPhone by going to Settings → Bluetooth and selecting the EVI-xxx item on the list. Also see the next point.

Why can’t I connect to my EcuTek Bluetooth Vehicle Interface?

The EcuTek Bluetooth Vehicle Interface only supports one connection at the time. If it’s connected to a device already (status LED is BLUE) then you won’t be able to connect from another device. Please disconnect it from the existing device (for example by disabling the Bluetooth) and try again.

If you've just updated the firmware you might also need to unpair/forget the device and pair to it again.

Why is my car not detected?

Make sure that your car is supported. If it is, the ECU could have a very recent or unknown calibration. It should be soon supported via an update. Contact your tuner to make sure this can be added.

Why is my car detected but I only get basic features?

Advanced features require a version of RaceROM to be installed that includes App support. Go to Info → ECM and check that RaceROM is “Installed” and App support is “Yes”. If this is not the case, please get in touch with your tuner to get an updated tune that includes the latest RaceROM. Otherwise, the feature you’re looking for is just not available for your car.

Can I use my EcuTek Vehicle Interface as a generic OBD code reader?

Generic OBD2 support has been added and provides OBD PID logging, along with read and clear DTCs for all compliant vehicles around the world. There are many different OBD2 standards and protocols and we are unable to guarantee support for all vehicles, but many will work. Give it a try and see!

How do I connect and disconnect the EcuTek Vehicle Interface?

The Bluetooth version of the EcuTek Vehicle Interface (EVI-BT for short) allows to establish a wireless connection to a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet. The connection process is different depending on the device type. Please visit the following link (ECU Connect Vehicle Interface EVI-BTLE or EVI-BT) to see the details that are important to understand while troubleshooting connectivity issues.

Can I flash my car with ECU Connect?

Yes! ECU Connect Phone Flash is available for some vehicles. Chat with your tuner for details and to see if your vehicle is supported!

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