ECU Connect: Settings Menu


  • Vehicle Interface

    • With you can check the current firmware with any connected bluetooth dongle currently paired with the phone.  It can also allow you to update the firmware on the unit should it be out of date.

  • Demo Vehicle

    • Puts the software into "Demo" mode.  This will allow you to look around at various features without having a car hooked up.  Keep in mind, any changes made to the vehicle settings will NOT be made to the vehicle when it is hooked back up.

  • Save DTCs to Archive

    • Allows you to keep track of any Diagnostic Trouble Code (Check engine light) your car may have gotten.  That way, even if you clear it, you have a record of it happening in case it comes back up.

  • Units

    • Allows the shift between metric and imperial units for each option in turn.


  • ECU Definitions

  • Help

    • Brings you to the ECU Connect FAQ for help with the ECU Connect APP.

  • Contact Support

    • Brings up your email client in order to send an email to EcuTek Support.  Automatically populating some facts about your phone as well as the APP version in order to give us more information.

  • App version

    • Indicates your current APP version.

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