BRZ Common Tuning Questions

Can I tune For ethanol E85 Or Flex-Fuel?

You most certainly can! With the use of RaceROM Custom Maps you can make calibrations in different Map Switch modes for pure E85 or E70 fuel (no mix ratios though). For true Ethanol tuning flexibility you can fit and import the Zeitronic Flex-Fuel sensor and import the Zeitronic signal into the factory ECU.

By setting up Custom Maps it’s possible to turn the BRZ/GT86/FR-S into a true Flex-Fuel vehicle. Expect around a 20-25bhp increase in power, but be aware that you will use 25-35% more fuel.

Can I have Launch Control or Speed Density in certain modes?

Yes, Launch Control, Flat-Foot Shift and Autoblip are all configurable in any of the four modes, along with Speed Density. Four-way Map Switching is only available to trade customers or retail customers who have purchased the optional RaceROM BRZ upgrade package.

Can my current Map Switch mode be remembered?

Yes, ensure your tune is based on the latest RaceROM Feature File and the Map Switch mode will be remembered (although older RRFF versions may not be able to retain the current Map Switch mode).

New MAP sensor fitted, now engine won't start?

Correct, the cranking fuelling is calculated from the MAP sensor, so you MUST correctly re-scale the sensor before trying to start the car. You also need to alter the DTC limits for the MAP sensor voltage range.

Can I switch between MAF & Speed Density on the fly?

Yes, you can enable or disable SD in any of the four modes. You can also use the Hybrid SD function in any or all of the four Map Switch modes.

Can I return my tuned ECU to standard?

Yes, simply flash the 100% standard factory ROM file back into the ECU; this will allow other tuning tools access to re-flash the ECU, and the ECU will appear standard to the dealer.

Will my Calibration Verification Number (CVN) change after tuning?

Yes, to return the CVN to original the ECU must be flashed back to standard.

Can the dealer over-flash my tuned ECU?

No, the dealer re-flash tool (or other tuning tools) cannot over flash the ProECU tuned ROM; the ECU must first be flashed back to standard.

How can I recover a part-programmed ECU after a programming failure?

In the event that the ECU programming sequence fails (such as if laptop power dies or the vehicle interface becomes disconnected) don’t worry, as ProECU can recover the ECU. The normal procedure of using Tools  Detect Vehicle will not work at this point and you will need to click Tools  Manually Select Vehicle  Subaru BRZ/Toyota FT-86  Program Engine ECU.

It is vital that you select the correct vehicle type, and once on the programming tool window, you must choose a 100% standard ROM file for the recovery sequence to work as expected. After successfully programming the ECU with a 100% standard ROM file you can subsequently program a tuned ROM file.

Why is my forced-induction tune lean on full load?

There are a number of possible reasons:

  • Ensure you are using the latest version 9 RRFF (20479 or newer) which has improvements for high-power fuelling calculation on big-power engines.
  • Ensure you have increased the 1D map called Mass Airflow Reading Limit #1.
  • Ensure you have calibrated the 2D map called Port Injector Manifold Relative Pressure Compensation.
  • Ensure you have raised the Engine Load Limit maps.
  • Check the PI and DI setting and limiters in the How to Set Up My Forced Induction Fuelling section and also see the forced-induction example ROMs on EcuTek Update.

What happens when my MAF hits 5 volts?

If you hit the maximum 5V you will get a MAF Fail Safe condition based on MAP sensor calculation and P0103 DTC. This Fail Safe condition will occur even if you are running full-time SD, so ensure P0103 is disabled so that the MAF hitting 5V does not cause any issues.

My forced-induction engine misfires at high RPM

If your DI open time period is too long then the DI could still be open when the spark plug fires; check the logging parameter called Fuel Injection End DI to Spark (ms) to see what time period is left.

I can’t see Custom Maps, Speed Density or Map Switching options

If you have a retail programming kit you will need to purchase the RaceROM BRZ product update from your Master Tuner.

Can ProECU open the ROM files found on various forums?

Yes, ProECU can open any Tuned or Stage xxx ROM files that are available on the various internet forums. The ROM file will need to be 1280KB in size and the file name extension may need to be changed to .bin for ProECU to open the raw ROM (because many free files are labelled as .hex or .org or .rom).

Can I use a wastegate duty solenoid to control my boost pressure?

Yes, you can replace the Carbon Purge Canister solenoid valve with a conventional wastegate solenoid. You can then use Custom Maps to control the CPC valve, which can be used in a closed loop or with open-loop boost control. You should also alter the valve frequency to suit your chosen wastegate solenoid characteristics.

My Throttle opens but closes as RPM increases?

The throttle opening angle is relative to a base demand opening angle for idle and other functions. When you see the throttle angle reducing its actually because the base airflow demand is increasing with RPM while the physical angle stays the same. When you look at TPS Voltage it is actually holding the same opening voltage so is not moving. Try logging these parameters and see what moves if you think you have an issue.

My VVT wont turn on.

One important thing to look out for when tuning BRZ/FT/GT86's is that the VVT is enabling, you will be down on power and the MAF / SD mapping will be different depending on whether the cams are active or not. There is a new parameter for VVT enabled that can show if they are active or not and you should wait for the parameter to go to 1 before the power run. You will need to follow some simple rules to make VVT activation much more straightforward. Your workflow should be something like this:

  1. Reprogram ECU
  2. Start engine
  3. Let engine idle for approx 45 seconds
  4. Drive car (on dyno is fine) at light load for approx 45 seconds to at least 40km/h (unsure of actual speed required but this seems to work for us).
  6. Let idle, VVT should wake up within a few seconds.

That works on our car with CALID ZA1JA01G 100% of the time. If you don't do the drive-stop cycle you could be there for a long time. Below is a screenshot showing that parameter and how the VVT turns on after the drive-stop cycle.

The car can disable cam timing if it isn't seeing the movement requested due to oil level, so ensure your car (as usual) has enough oil.

Some cars on hub dyno's do not like to activate the cams and while we don't know the exact cause there are some hints and tips that may help below

  • Some deceleration from above 4000 RPM, the longer it can be kept in overrun fuel cut the better
  • Make sure mass airflow is realistic in overrun
  • Make sure it idles at stoic or close to it with minimum fuel trim's, ther emay be limits where it will not enable if idle is set above an RPM
  • Idle Engine load, airflow and throttle angle targets must be set as close as possible to the stable Idle value
  • The initial learning needs to be done above a ~50deg temp threshold
  • CAM Timing has to be correct.

The Custom Map output for "Target AFR (n:1)" does not effect "Closed Loop Lean target AFR" or "Power AFR Target" values?

Due to the complexity of the BRZ/GT86/FR-S fueling strategy and the evolving OEM methodology we currently can only overwrite the Base Map target AFR values. If you wish to use the Target AFR adjustment in custom maps in an MY17+ car with Power AFR maps you will have to use the exhaust temperature threshold to force the strategy into using the Base AFR target maps more often or full time and create your own Power AFR custom map (if you want this functionality).  The lean Closed loop AFR target map cannot be overwritten currently.

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