Making Adjustments / Using Custom Inputs in ECU Connect

This guide covers the different types of adjustments available to tuners when setting up a feature in your map.  Changes can be momentary, permanent (until adjusted again) and can encompass a variety of things such as preset RPM levels for flat foot shift or launch control, reducing the amount of power or throttle response, or how loud your exhaust is. 

Availability of this feature depends on your vehicle application as well as having it activated within your tune.

How to Use this Feature

  1. Connect to your vehicle via ECU Connect, and select the "My Car" option.

  2. Select "Custom Inputs"

  3. You'll then see a list of options you can change.  There are a few different types of controls that can be used.


This is a simple On-Off function


A slider that lets you fine tune between a maximum and minimum set point.


Increasing numeric level.


Allows you to choose between multiple settings/options in the same list.



A momentary button that can activate something temporarily, sometimes used as a custom output for nitrous or as an overboost button.

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