RaceROM Cruise Control Button Update

On some new models, and some cars that have received recent dealer updates the full set of cruise control buttons are no longer useable for RaceROM input. There are also changes to the firmware of the dash display unit which means the tacho can end up being erratic at idle and jump up and down.

This happens because BMW have updated the front electronics module (among others) which means that we can't read the cruise control buttons properly. We can only read the up/down rocker switch.

The tuner will need to enable the "Use revised Cruise Button operation" checkbox shown below

RaceROM Special Features-> Enable Special Features

To enter mapswitch mode, the driver must press the cruise rocker "full up" and hold it for a few seconds, then use up and down to adjust the mode.

For antilag, the driver must press the cruise rocker "full down".