RaceRom Map Switching

How To: RaceRom Map Switching Setup

The Map Switching feature allows you to up to define four different calibrations in the ECU ROM. The driver can switch between the calibrations at the press of a button. This allows a tuner to provide a comfortable calibration for everyday road use and a hard-core maximum performance calibration for use at the track. Alternatively you could use this feature to provide four calibrations optimised for different grades of fuel.

Four separate maps have been provided for Fuel, Ignition Timing and Knock Control, one for each mode. You can also set different rev limits and injector sizes for each mode. The Launch Control and Flat Foot Shift features can be enabled on a per-mode basis.

How to Change Maps

How To Enable the Feature:

  1. Enable RaceRom features in your ROM file. How to: Add/Remove EcuTek Race Rom to your Vehicle.

  2. Navigate to the RaceRom map switching area.

  3. Select Mapswitch Modes.

  4. Select How many maps you'd like (In this case we're going with two.

  5. Now go ahead and make changes to the map files desired for each mode.  These are denoted as maps with "Mode 1, 2, 3, 4" in the title.

    Keep in mind that if you change only one table, the other table data won't change.  This means when you map switch you'll be going to a stock map if you haven't otherwise made changes to that mode's map.  As such be sure you have a good idea of everything that changes to avoid putting your car on an incompatible map.

How to change Map Slot (Mode)

  1. On most cars in order to change maps you'll hold cancel on the cruise control (with the cruise control turned off)

  2. You should see the tachometer bump to 1000rpm if you're on the first slot.

  3. From there you can hit accelerate or decelerate on the cruise control to change map slots.

  4. You should see the RPM jump to 2000 (mode 2) 3000 (mode 3) etc. for whatever is set up.

  5. Once you've chosen the map you'd like to use hold the cancel button again for 3 seconds.

BRZ Supplement

For the FRS/BRZ/GT86 platform we also have other options for map switching.  Allowing use of other switches for map switching.

Switching with Max Accel+Defog

  1. Ignition must be ON (Car does not need to be running.

  2. To change modes hold the accelerator to the floor.

  3. turn on the rear window defogger while holding the gas pedal.  Every time you press the button your mode number will increase by 1.

  4. Once selected the check engine light will flash in order to indicate which one has been set.

Switching with Traction Control Switches

Your mode will change based on the vehicle's traction and stability settings.

Traction Control StateVSC StateEcutek Map Mode
Traction Control OnVSC NormalMode 1
Traction Control OnVSC SportMode 2
Traction Control OFFVSC NormalMode 3
Traction Control OFFVSC SportMode 4

Switching with Automatic Transmission Mode

The ECU mode will change with the Automatic Transmission Setting

Automatic Transmission ModeEcutek Map Mode
NormalMode 1
SportMode 2
SnowMode 3
ManualMode 4

Table Changes

While the offerings may vary slightly from car to car, we typically offer the ability to tweak the following options in some way for each supported vehicle.

  • Fuel Maps
  • Ignition Maps
  • Limiters

Tweaking these maps allows you to make a different set of fueling and ignition targets so you can have a more performance or economy oriented map.  While it's possible to make a mode for a set level of ethanol if you aren't running flex fuel, it could cause issues if the driver were to change maps to one suited for a different fuel.

Integration With Other RaceROM Features

  • Launch Control - Set different launch control limits for each map slot.

  • Per Gear Boost Control Feature - The Per Gear Boost Control feature has separate maps for  each of the four modes. 

  • RaceROM Boost Controller (RBC) Feature - The driver can set different boost levels for each of the four modes. The tuner can set a different maximum limit for each mode.

  • Per Gear Rev Limits Feature - The Per Gear Rev Limits feature has separate maps for each of the four modes.

  • Large Fuel Injectors Feature - The Large Fuel Injectors feature has separate maps for each of the four modes. This can be used for multi-fuel set-ups like 92 Octane, 97 Octane, RaceGas and E85 in each of the four modes.

  • RaceROM Custom Maps - You can set custom maps to be active or deactive in specific modes, allowing you to tweak or change the state of the map as you go.

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