Adding an ECU Connect Vehicle Interface manually

You can manually add (Pair) an EVI-BT or EVI-BTLE in ECU Connect (or your phones Bluetooth settings). You may need to do this if you have gotten a new EVI or had download the app and set it up without configuring an EVI-BTLE or BT.

To do this start by connecting the EVI-BTLE or EVI-BT to OBD or USB power and check that the light is slow flashing green ( Then from the main screen and go to the settings wheel

Select the Add/Remove option under Vehicle Interface

Select the type of EVI-BT (Low energy or normal) that you have

To find the device type look at the sticker on the EVI to see what type of vehicle interface you have.

NOTE: You can also check if the device is an EVI-BT or BTLE by using the the standalone updater or Proecu and checking the device revision. Rev 7 and above is Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE). ( )

EVI-BTLE addition Instructions

For EVI-BTLE follow the instructions here

If you don’t have and EVI-BT yet you can cancel and continue with the install, otherwise select the correct device type by looking at the sticker.

Once you choose the correct device type you will be guided through the process, For BTLE devices the EVI is added through the App. you press the plus button

After pressing the add button permissions will be required to allow ECU Connect to connect the EVI-BTLE to your phone

ECU Connect will then scan for devices which you can then select to complete the pairing process.


Once complete you are ready to use the app. Press the Finish button and the app main screen will appear.

EVI-BT Addition Instructions

For Normal EVI-BT follow the instruction prompts from the app

Which will bring you to your Bluetooth settings manager where you will have to scan for the device

Once Pairing has completed you can return to the app and use the My Car button to access ECU Connect.