Updating your ECU Connect Vehicle Interface

As development continues on the EcuTek Vehicle interfaces (both USB and Bluetooth) firmware updates will be required to keep everything running smoothly. Each EcuTek Vehicle Interface (EVI) has its own Boot Firmware, Main Firmware and Bluetooth Firmware which can now be updated using the ECU Connect app, EcuTek ProECU software (if you have a copy) or a standalone updater from the Downloads Section of the EcuTek website.

We would recommend to always update the EVI firmware to the latest versions, in particular if you’re experiencing issues.

ProECU and the Standalone EVI Updater are Windows apps, so Mac users will have to use Parallels or find a Windows based PC to use them.

In this article we will cover the procedures to update the EVI using the three methods shown below.

Updating firmware using the ECU Connect app

Applicable models: EVI-BT, EVI-BTLE

The EcuTek ECU Connect app can update the firmware on the Bluetooth Vehicle Interface wirelessly. To update firmware using this method follow the steps below. Make sure you’re running the latest ECU Connect version before attempting to update the firmware.

  1. Ensure the Vehicle Interface is plugged into a power supply, either the vehicle OBD socket or the supplied mini USB cable can be used.
  2. Turn on the device's Bluetooth and “Pair” the Vehicle Interface to the device (if not done already).
  3. Open the app and select Settings → Vehicle interface Info.
  4. Tap the Check for firmware updates button.
  5. Wait for the firmware to update.
  6. You can then check the new version has successfully installed correctly.

Android devices follow the same procedure in general although the screens will look different.

ECU Connect can always update the Boot and Main firmwares, but on some models updating the Bluetooth firmware cannot be dove over Bluetooth itself. Thus, if you need to update the Bluetooth firmware, you may need to use one of the other methods below.


Updating firmware using ProECU

Applicable models: EVI-USB, EVI-BT, EVI-BTLE

You can update the firmware using EcuTek ProECU tuning software included with EcuTek ProECU programming kits. If you have a copy of ProECU software you can plug either interface into your laptop and use the Firmware update facility included in the program. If the firmware update failed over Bluetooth you will need to use this ProECU update method or the "standalone" update method mentioned later in this article.

To update the firmware using the EcuTek ProECU software method follow the procedure below, make sure you have updated your ProECU installation beforehand.

  1. Open EcuTek ProECU software
  2. Connect the Vehicle Interface to the PC with via USB
  3. Go to Options  Vehicle Interface Firmware Update...
  4. Click the Update Button

Updating firmware using the Standalone EVI Updater

Applicable models: EVI-USB, EVI-BT, EVI-BTLE

The final update method uses a "standalone" EVI updater software. This program is essential if you don’t have EcuTek ProECU software. To obtain the standalone updater go to the EcuTek website Downloads Section and simply download the program.

  1. Connect the Vehicle Interface to the PC via USB
  2. Run the EVI Updater.exe file
  3. Click the Update button


Hopefully this is enough information to successfully guide you through the Firmware update procedure, there are more articles regarding other aspects of the EVI hardware here. If you are having issues, please contact us.

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