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ProECU Tuning Manual Supplement: RaceROM CAN Sensor Input

EcuTek RaceROM is a package of special software features that can be installed into the ECU of the supported vehicles. You simply open your ECU ROM file using EcuTek software, apply the RaceROM Feature File (Patch) to it, adjust the RaceROM maps as necessary, and then program the ROM file into the vehicle.  Please read the ProECU Tuning RaceROM Feature File Guide for info on how RaceROM works, how to install and uninstall RaceROM feature files, and further hints and tips. Please also see our website for various videos and webinars for further information.

Supplemental Content

Platform Specific


CAN is a system of setting up a communication network between different modules of a car in order to use sensor/switch inputs in order to control different aspects of the vehicle's operation.  Some manufacturers have made CAN enabled sensors for use with standalones, aftermarket data-loggers, as well as some aftermarket Dashboards.

We were able to add in the feature to integrate some of these sensors (Such as a wideband or ethanol content sensor)into the F-Chassis BMW vehicles by integrating into some of the factory wiring.

Sensor Wiring

When modifying wiring going into and out of the ECU, it's possible to cause damage if things are not done correctly or safely.  It's recommended to only attempt to do this if you are experienced with electronics.

The BMW ECU has two CAN channels (PT-CAN and PT-CAN2), neither of them is directly connected to the OBD port. You cannot connect the CAN sensor to the OBD port. You must connect the CAN sensor directly to one of these buses. Suggested connection points are near the ECU in the engine bay or the Front Electronic Module in the passenger footwell. 


PT-CAN bus is ECU pins 7 (CAN-Lo, Red) & 8 (CAN-Hi, Blue/Red).  

PT-CAN2 bus is ECU pins 44 (CAN-Hi, White/Yellow) & 45 (CAN-Lo, White/Blue).  

Both CAN Bus's run at 500mbit/s


Connector A211*1B in the diagram below (the middle connector) 

Sensor Configuration

Innovate LC-3 Wideband

Zeitronix ECA-2 Ethanol Content Analyzer

Zeitronix ZT-3 Wideband

  1. Configure CAN Sensor Type to the sensor type in use

  2. Select the CAN bus connection you are using.  (Which ECU Pins on the right-hand side)

  3. If using the standard CAN address you won't need to do any further configuration.  If using a non-standard (User configured on the unit) CAN ID you'll need to change the values found under "CAN ID for ___" and add it in Hex format

Autosport AnalogX

ECUMaster CANswitch

Not confined to just measuring ethanol content or air fuel ratio, these two sensor hubs  have 4 general purpose voltage inputs which cause it to require a bit more in the way of configuration.

  1. Select the type of sensor in use, then choose the style of CAN ID's used.  (Again if using a non-standard ID you'll need to go into the CAN ID tables and change it)
    1. For the Analogx Extended (29-Bit)
    2. For the ECUMaster CANswitch 11-bit.

  2. For Each of the 4 channels you'll see a Multiplier, Offset, and Usage table.  The values are by default set up for custom map inputs ranging from 0-5000 (0-5 Volts)

Custom CAN Sensor

  1. Select Custom Device, and the method of CAN BUS connection

  2. Configure the method used by your sensor for the CAN Identifier (11-bit or extended 29-bit).

  3. Enter the CAN ID for your device into the CAN ID for Custom Device Map.

  4. Configure up to 4  channels for your custom device (This will require you to set up the start byte and data format for each channel).  Then add in the appropriate scaling and usage for each of the channels being used.


EcuTek ProECU tuning tools tools should only be used by experienced tuners who understand the product and engine calibration. 
If you do not fully understand this product then you WILL damage your engine, ECU or your vehicle. 
Please ensure you fully read all EcuTek manuals BEFORE attempting to use ProECU with your laptop or your vehicle. 
Use with extreme caution and understanding at all times, if in doubt then do not proceed. 
EcuTek accepts no responsibility for any damage to the engine, ECU or any part of the vehicle that results directly or indirectly from using the product.

** If you are in any doubt that you do NOT have the experience required to use this product then you should NOT USE IT **

Retail customers

** If you have any doubt that you do NOT have the experience required to use this product then you should NOT USE IT, you should simply contact your EcuTek Master Tuner shown clearly on the top of your Programming Kit or visit your preferred tuning shop to have a professional tuner use it for you ** 

Update Revision Log

BMW F-Series RaceROM Versions
  • Phase 2

    • Mode Switching via Cruse control or ECU Connect APP

    • RaceROM torque base map for ease of tuning

    • RaceROM Burble Tuning

      • Switchable per mode

      • “hard” and “Soft” ignition retard maps, with adjustable blend per mode

      • Automatic exhaust flap opening when burble is active

      • RaceROM Burble time map

      • Custom Map output for burble time

    • RaceROM Flex Fuel

    • Custom RaceROM map outputs

    • Custom RaceROM map inputs

    • CANBUS Sensor Import

    • Quality of Life improvements

      • Added additional maps for N55 and S55 (Including fuel pump calibrations)

      • FastFlash programming speed improvements

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